Humanity’s one and only true nemesis.

Isn’t it a truth universally acknowledged that the world we live in, is in utter stark chaos, the blue planet of Earth which has been unconditionally sheltering us for more than millions of years, providing us with the most scarcely sacred of elements, the most essential of them being fresh potable water and non-toxic oxygen, is in fact literally losing her cosmic purity because of us irrational beings. She is made to witness the darkness and limitations of the human ego, in a way not yet giving up on her wild and berserk inhabitants. She has been tolerating a huge spike in the mercury levels on a daily basis and yet hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent by government organisations in enhancing the quality of inhumane areas such as war and nuclear capabilities, while nowhere coming close to formulating ideas or concepts or even organising meaningful platforms wherein discussions and brain-storming of ideas are given prominence, which I definitely think should be introduced in a very large scale as a combined effort to make significant impact before it’s too late for all of us irrespective of which border-lined chunk of earth we come from.

Environmental activists and green veterans along with numerous NGOs from the different corners of the world have stepped in voluntarily and after much contemplation and tolerance shown towards the issue they have finally decided to take matters into their own hands with minimal or sometimes no financial backing from their countries to support this universal issue. Even if their country did support and stand with them for the cause, the country-wise curtailment or restrictions enforced wouldn’t be doing that significantly against the overall rise in global warming. What difference does it make if one country goes completely Eco-friendly and another closer nation continues its dismal state of banal affairs? Hence I strongly urge a coming together of like-minded individuals initially, communities, countries and then continents in opposition to the evil properties of pollution and thyself, only and only then can we downsize or cut down pollutants and other harmful factors substantially. A person from space can see no boundaries on earth and can witness only one breathing, thriving chunk of cosmic matter and only if we act now and I mean right now as brothers and sisters from the same soil, only together can we stand and stir up the rising and make the world a better place for our children and theirs and then theirs.

We are ONE with everything.

You definitely cannot enjoy the rainbows if you are not willing to put up with the rain. The day humanity as a single entity emerges out of its selfish cocoon of comfort and luxury and are willing to make contributions initially on an individual scale and then going on to eventually make truce with nature’s harmony, will solely reap huge benefits from her mammoth reservoir of wisdom and tranquility.

Let me also state what I see every day in the roads of my city where a significantly huge number of cars are solo driven, leaving me worried about this distraught situation. Transferring the usage of fossilized fuel to other renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind, usage of public modes of transport at least twice a week or even making use of options such as car-pooling or cab sharing, setting up rain-harvesting apparatus at homes, a complete ban on items made up of plastic and simply empathizing with our mother nature are invaluable in terms of how much cutting down it could do if followed consistently and the significant amount of change it could foster. I humbly request my fellow earth-men as brothers and sisters receiving the same divine rays from the sun, that we act swiftly and that we started now, from this very second. As it is said a journey of a thousand miles should start from a single step, let’s all collectively take billions of single small steps together every new day consistently and I assure you that the heavens would be soon flaming with jealousy. In anticipation for this universally acknowledged truth to alter itself and fade into the narrow-mindedness of our ego, thus eliminating both and re-imagining earth more self-sustainable and lush green.




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