The Festival of Destruction, of the evil within.

The ride back home had to be quick and silent but I found no silence in my head.

I focused on the road ahead.

There were no people and the roads seemed empty. It couldn’t be this late, I thought to myself.

As I took a shorter route home, I soon ran straight into the Maha Navaratri celebrations in my locality.

The spirit of the festive season was in the air and they loved it.

The cries of children tagging along with their parents, the Kannada folk songs in devotion of the Goddess.

Nothing as cheerful as this chaos.

The people braced for a long and cold night. The beginning of winter was marked by this Navaratri.

The Nine days was followed by fasting and worshiping the Mother Goddess in all her different forms.

Culminating in the grand Dussehra or Durga Puja.

Another fine aspect which caught my attention was the bright effigies that were put up, so fine in detail I had to stop and click pictures. The effigy of the Goddess Durga herself at the grand carnival, Lord Shiva along with his partner Shakti, Lord Ganesha and finally the most loyal devotee Hanuman.

It amuses me sometimes to witness such blends of Art with Culture.

A sense of joy filled within me as I lay, exhausted in my bed but excited nevertheless this festive season. As the festival symbolised the destruction and elimination of evil, we must all strive hard to eliminate all evil within disguised as ego. Let this festival be about Oneness. A Happy and safe festival to all.


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