Aham Brahmasmi

Aham Brahmasmi.

The Woman whispered onto those delicate ears of his.

The growth, therefore was substantial and rapid.

He listened to everything around him and it all seemed to breathe..

This gave him the only thing that he ever needed, Happiness.

In that state of mind he dwell-t, rather grandly.

But certain patterns eventually cropped up,

Which made him anxious, later leading to the unearthing of faint memories from his deepest.

The very ones he tried so hard to forget, but came so close in achieving it..

A tiring process of acquiring information constantly which caused nothing but sadness.

He urgently needed a clean up, upstairs.

The feminine energy coiled up around him and waited to pounce,

Unaware that all of this was a dream..

Detailed fragments of her transgressed imaginations.

Not knowing that if it wasn’t fine for him now, it never would be..

The people of his World were on secret quests to find their creator,

Where as here, he strived hard to find himself.

Getting home to realize that only his dog truly loved, overlooking all his flaws.

Smiling and after some deep drags of Mother earth, his agony slowly melts

Soon falling asleep in this dimension to wake up in his own.

One that is constantly changing, constantly evolving.


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