Sitara, a community for the creative?

Well, the Start-up fever had just set its foot here in Bangalore and what a pandemonium it turned out to be! My own brother doing his 2nd year BBM at Christ Uni, had along with his close friends started up their very own first venture, Sleepwalkers; Basically a production house, wherein they shot and crafted videos and short films for different organisations and companies. This very concept of channelizing creative ideas into commercial platforms  set me out on different directions, soon an aspiring pilot had to just settle for an appearance made at the ever-glorious NDA (National Defense Academy) examinations, as I no longer believed in this path of war. How distant and lost had I been so far? Smothered by the shortsightedness of everyone around me, forced curtailment on perceptions. Growing up to realize that everything that had been told to me were in fact not-real, that they were all outcomes of numerous prejudicial perceptions/ interpretations colliding at themselves. This made me think a lot actually and nearly lost my mind in the process. My brother’s small start up had clicked and was running pretty decently and quite interestingly by a bunch of normal management students who were nothing but die-hard cinema enthusiasts. It was this intense passion of theirs for Films that in the first place brought them together, which later saw them harvest it’s ripe fruits.

So Passion! This extremely complex drive/emotion within our psyche, purely subjective in its nature and hold unlimited powers to the people who treasures it’s keys. It can be a random act of nature, or even to say the birth of an idea, sometimes so powerful that it nearly drains you of your energy and leaves you grasping for fresher air. When fortunately for me, after three years of Sleepwalkers along with Bangalore acquiring the ‘Start-Up Hub’ title in India,  I had finally stumbled upon my passion and in rather short words, to build a sort of Community of passionate people with different kinds of creative skills and craftsmanship and get them all digitally connected and thriving.

This is when I met her. I have to say her art was so elegant that it boasted to me its fine quality and the panache with which it was created. I believed that if her art spoke to me, it would definitely do with others. This simple idea was later spoken about very fondly as Sitara.

So Sitara, for me as been personally stepping outta my comfort zone. I smile as I write that sentence because I still know I have one of my legs firmly over my comfort zone and haven’t dared yet to fully get myself outta the cocoon. Slightly hurt, life has gotten hectic and I have witnessed Sitara fall down on my list of priorities as you may see me writing more often than me doodling these days. But amidst all this chaos that I call life, its a constant search for those real people who is in no ways materialistic but in all ways connected to everything. Who doesn’t let other people or other situations kill their joy. Who is constantly exploring, creating and giving the breath of life to surreal creations. Who is repeatedly making mistakes, learning from them and making few more. Who is the most happiest also being the most confused. More than answers, the quality of questions that this community can raise would determine what lies ahead for sitara. I continue my journey in search for them, strengthening my quest with a small, deeply treasured memory of my grandma reminding me that none born into this world are passion-less simply because all of them breathe..

Follow us on Facebook- facebook/sitara.                                                                                           Or call to talk to us- 812-343-9225/ 874-895-8180 🙂



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