The stain remover.

There existed a young boy who saw no more than the four curry-stained walls of a well-known restaurant’s kitchen. The assistant chef had been looking after this boy for nearly 16 years now, finding him after one hectic night, abandoned in the alley, screaming in pain. Since that day, the boy had grown up so much in his new home, learning and witnessing the hassle undertaken by these culinary geniuses. He swept the floors of the kitchen before the Sun rose and helped with the utensils after the Sun had set in order to earn his daily bread. His world literally revolved around the chaos of dishes and soups, as he wondered one fine day, How did the people on the other side of the kitchen look like? Why did they know only to constantly give out orders and orders and some more orders. From his small rest area behind the shacks of rice and grains, he constantly overheard the upset vociferation of the people outside through the window which was still out of reach for him but what amused him was the total composure with which the people on the other side of the kitchen reacted to when they’re orders had arrived. For he puzzled, this sudden burst of serenity which gradually developed only when they had food stuck up their mouths? The people on the other side of the kitchen was strange, he felt.
Social Noise, he thought is like a parasite which feeds on its host for its nourishment. His ears interpret the harshness for not-so-well camouflaged ego. Among the infinite number of voices in your head, could you silence it in order to find yours?
The young boy did, amidst not-so-friendly environment but with a content heart who was grateful for everything he had received.
The young boy soon died due to food poisoning. The last smiling words to his master, who had now been promoted to Head Chef was a simple, heart-felt “Thank You”. It is this exemplary act of gratefulness shown by the boy even though he saw rugged times ahead and ever so joyously met with this unfortunate end, that intrigues me.

I oblige to be grateful throughout my life for Nothing in particular but for Everything in general.


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