Outbursts of a Lone wolf.

It hurts when significant people around you assume a silent mouth is a silent mind. Well I can only try to say one thing and that being stop causing more soreness among this already sluggish, static, sad excuse for a human. I am the passion-less, the deprived and in a state of constant comatose. By saying so I don’t mean that there isn’t an emotion called happiness within me, trust me when I say the few happy moments in my life are the ones that still keeps me going and prying for more. I’m not one of those lonely types, with no friends or of such sort, but indeed have a pretty decent friend circle everywhere I go, but constantly trying to find myself whilst with them. Sometimes I blame myself for knowing way way too much than other teenagers of my age, who are all joyfully thriving in mass hallucinations. Is it that weird to be different? To have an all seeing eye? To bask proudly in my own flaws and frailty? No matter how deformed you and I are in our psyche, We have no ego, merely witnessing the progress or so and in no obligation to preside over it. So here i am sending S.O.S to all other unique souls out there in the vast who are fucked in the head. You Are Not Alone. I am one of you and you are one of Us.





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