Moledro. Part One.

Once upon a time in a strange yet vivid place, located in the far off islands, hidden much further away from the seven oceans, existed a kingdom, one with much grandeur, a one with proud citizens and a one with a very mighty ruler. King Ramirez was a very wise and compassionate person who gave free will to all and also made sure that every subject under his command was equipped with an occupation within the boundaries of his not so vast but beautiful empire, thus smartly eliminating the very concept of crime and injustice.
The kingdom of Mirza was by far a group of islands formed a million years ago by active and blistering magma, which as time passed settled down creating huge deposits of natural ash beneath and highly rich black soil up top. And these active volcano’s gradually subsided creating a frontier of kind (covered by high rising mountains on all side) which King Ramirez’s grandfather King Mahrez the Great found to be ideal in settling down, who along with fifty other families where on a constant move ever since the drastic and tragic attacks of the rogue barbarians nearly extinct his own kind two centuries ago.
And since then no Mirzanian (the Proud people of Mirza) has ever had contact with the outside world, because for they shall keep themselves from experiencing her evil. The occasional team of apt swimmers were the only ones entrusted by the king himself, to go explore beyond the blue serene inland waters of Mirza, they also act as sharp divers who only surfaced when they sense trouble.The people of Mirza lived happily in their small compact world wherein it’s ruler assured everything for them except for one thing, the route out of Mirza. The King felt that this golden rule, which was bestowed on him by his grand father was the only reason for the all around well being of his enter kingdom.
Soon it was to be a time of festivals and celebrations in the little kingdom, as the King’s one & only daughter, Princess Ayesha was soon to be a mature young woman.
This was a really important Mirzanian tradition because women was given equal rights as men and that meant she would soon dethrone her ageing mother as the Queen of Mirza. The whole kingdom gathered around to witness a variety of breath taking spectacles ranging from Fire dances to meat carnivals.
At the end of the three day festive, was a ceremony dear to the royal family, the princess would be presented with the best of treasures from all four corners of the kingdom, the finest silk, the most precious stones or the tastiest of delicacies waiting anxiously to surprise the young woman.

Tired, the King retired to his chambers after the extravaganza had finally come to an end. He was soon interrupted by a knock on the door, it was his beloved daughter thanking him for everything he had done for her, yet there was a sense of something amiss. Both of them knew what it was and in order to satisfy the bond the ageing father shared with his daughter rather than as the king, she quipped “Where is my special gift, father?” The king smiled and hugged his daughter and said “It’s late darling, you and I deserve a good night sleep. We shall talk about this as soon as the sun shines early tomorrow morning?”
“As you wish, father” she said and going on to embrace her father, her king.



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